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Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are the second major component to Oriental Medicine. Individual herbs, mostly made of flowers, fruits, barks, roots, leaves, stems, or minerals, have been shown in many scientific studies to benefit a wide variety of illnesses, pain types, and conditions.

When herbs are combined together, they create an herbal formula. Herbal formulas are designed for each individual condition and patient. Different herbs may treat the condition directly, guide the activity of the herb to a particular location in the body, or ameliorate any side effects of other herbs in the formula.

​Compared to many Western pharmaceutical drugs, Chinese herbs and formulas are inexpensive and safe to use with few, if any, side effects.

At Wellstone Acupuncture, all the herbs and formulas we carry are carefully selected from trusted manufacturers where the products are tested by third parties for heavy metals, microbial contaminants, and pesticides to ensure product quality.

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