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I have been suffering from chronic tension in my shoulders for a few years. A massage therapist has been working on the tension regularly over the last two years and has not been able to loosen them. Finally fed up with the tension and the headaches that came with tight shoulders, I sought out Helen's expertise. Through attentiveness, careful listening and understanding the issue, Helen was able to provide an acupuncture treatment that loosened the muscles in just ONE visit! I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who is suffering from long-term pain. She works wonders! Not only was Helen able to help with chronic tension, she also helped with menstrual issues that have been troubling me for about a year. Through one treatment Helen was able to solve the problem and get my body on the right track. She is definitely a miracle worker!

          E.H., Denver, CO

After an acupuncture treatment from Helen I flew stress free (I am usually a very anxious flyer) across the country and maintained a calm, focused, energized feeling after flying and changing time zones.  In fact, I felt better for several days after.  I only wish I lived closer so I had access to more frequent treatments!

          Judith, Deer Isle, ME

As an avid senior tennis player I was very distraught at the idea that I would not be able to play tennis due to a condition called "turf toe".  It is a repetitive use injury and when my foot became swollen and painful I was concerned that my playing days were coming to an end.  The first treatment I had from Helen relieved both the swelling and the pain from my toe joint.  Within 10 days I was back on the court running around without pain.  I've had a couple of other strains (again from tennis) and with treatment from Helen I'm back on the court within a few days. 


Helen is definitely an important part of my Staying Healthy Plan!


          M.W.H., Denver, CO

Helen is a superb acupuncturist! After my shoulder surgery for a SLAP (labral) tear in my shoulder, Helen helped me recover so quickly, the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist kept telling me that I was way ahead of the curve. Helen identified the problem (which was confirmed by the MRI she recommended), told me I'd likely need surgery, and brought me to full recovery! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to recover after surgery or wanting to recover from an injury.


           J.B., Denver, CO

I had never tried acupuncture before, but it was highly recommended for my back/neck pain. I called a few places, but found Helen to be informative, very supportive, positive & patient with my questions. From the first meeting, I was impressed with how much Helen at Wellstone listened, cared, & nailed my diagnosis so promptly & effectively! Not having experiences with this type of treatement, I was nervous! Helen took the time to professionaly & logically explain every step in detail which calmed me right down. In just a few treatments my issue was gone, I'm feeling totally healthy again & highly recommend Helen at Wellstone with glowing colors. More reasons to see Helen - our insurance is coverered & she included not just needling during the appointment but also bodywork for overall healing. Truly impressed & happy to pass on this review!


           JL, Parker, CO

Helen is a healer!  She has expedited my recovery from knee surgery.  My surgeon has commented on how well I am doing.  Helen is my secret weapon.I am afraid of needles.  With Helen this is no problem.  Her acupuncture needle work is smooth as butter.  During my first weeks after surgery she needled around my knee to reduce the pain related to swelling.  As my body began to recover, she supported healing with acupuncture needling enhanced by electro-stimulation.  Her treatments have always been on the mark.All the stress my body went through related to the injury, surgery, anti-biotic and pain medication brought on a bout of eczema.  Her treatments, suggestions for diet, and herbal medicine have allowed my skin to recover.Helen has all the techniques and treatments of oriental medicine at her disposal: pulse reading diagnostics, acupuncture, acupressure, tui na, and moxibustion, to name a few she has used during my sessions.  She is kind compassionate and knowledgeable.  I am grateful to have found her.  I should keep her a secret but she deserves the recommendation.


           BJ E., Denver, CO

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